The Warrior Story

The Wasabi Warriors are five brothers: Ocean, Porky, Beefy, Chicken & Veggie Warrior.
The five young brothers were mentored by their father, who trained them in the ways of the traditional Warrior – to honour the ocean, earth and animals.

As the brothers grew, they separated, but with the passing of time they reformed, and now search for Warriors to join them in sustainable, economical and honourable practices
to eat good, do good, and feel good.

Warrior Brothers:

Veggie Warrior

Veggie Warrior

Veggie is the spiritual brother and fights for sustainability of the earth.

Ocean Warrior

Ocean Warrior

Ocean is the eldest of the brothers and an old soul who fights for the
protection of the ocean
and its inhabitants.

Porky Warrior

Porky Warrior

Porky is the happy
and social brother
who fights for the
always high quality
of his food.

Chicken Warrior

Chicken Warrior

Is the youngest and the
cheekiest of the brothers, and is about feeling
good and fights for the welfare of all earth’s animals.

Beefy Warrior

Beefy Warrior

Beefy is the strongest
of the brothers and
fights for the freshness
of all food to ensure he
can lead a healthy
path for all.

To eat good, is to eat food that is fresh, good for you, and makes you want to come back for more.

To do good, is to support business practices that help our oceans, our earth & our animals.

To feel good, is knowing that when you eat well with the Wasabi Warriors, you are helping to honour practices that are good for our ocean, earth and animals.



…is the moral code of principles that the Wasabi Warriors live and fight by…

Respect the Journey
Every journey has an origin. Ours is in traditional Japanese food. A wise Warrior always looks behind… before stepping ahead.


Born of Wise Choices
There is much that can be achieved when one has respect for sustainability and honours
quality, from the earth to the sea.

Fresh Before Dishonour
When you eat at Wasabi Warriors, you know that it’s always fresh.

Taste…No Prisoners!
Whilst training in ancient techniques,Wasabi Warriors are also forging new weapons in flavour everyday.

The Sword is drawn
only to Do Good

We only draw our sword to…

Eat Good

The Wasabi Warriors, championed by Porky Warrior, have built a menu that celebrates food, including taste, presentation and the sharing of great food with friends.

Do Good

The search continues for like-minded Warriors to do good for the Ocean, Earth and Animals through economical and sustainable practices. The Wasabi Warriors will continue on their search for people who can help them achieve these goals while making sure people eat well, and feel good about their choices. Do you have what is takes to be a Wasabi Warrior?

Feel Good

To be a Wasabi Warrior, you need only eat with the Wasabi Warriors at one of their store locations all across Australia and the Philippines.

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